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Powerfully Secure Distinct Areas of your Residence or Business Facility Against Unauthorized Access or Theft

An access control system (ACS) uses advanced technologies to add an extremely powerful layer of security to a residence or place of business, as well as safeguards the occupants of the building. It allows you to manage the entry of people to a system or environment in a highly effective manner. Access control systems have found an array of applications in both residential and commercial settings.

Security needs continue to evolve. There are many interior areas of a building and working environments where limited human access is essential for security reasons. Whether it’s your home, a protected equipment or a data center facility, you can boost its security through an access control system.</p.

Typically, the system employs a keyless locking system which grants (or denies) access to people based on the verification results. For example, a building or residence using an access control system is secured in a way that people can enter it only after their credentials (via card access, fingerprint, facial recognition etc) have been authenticated, as per preset access permissions. However, an access control system isn’t meant only for restricting access to humans. You can also use this system to keep sensitive data and confidential information safe against unauthorized access or intrusion either in your residence or business organization.

Access control systems used by homes and apartments are known by various names such as keyless locks, smart locks, electronic locks etc. In commercial settings, these systems perform a much broader role and can be applied to secure distinct areas or departments of a building.


Benefits of Using an Access Control System

Access control systems provide an excellent way to manage, monitor and control the flow of people across an apartment complex or a business facility while eliminating the need to use a key. Modern access control systems feature a cloud-based interface, which can be used to manage human access online or over any mobile device. These systems offer features like detailed logging which includes a timestamp of every event and real time notifications of all activities.

An access control system has numerous benefits to offer. Using this new-age locking and security solution, you can :

  • Ensure a safe working environment
  • Restrict illegitimate access
  • Reduce theft
  • Record every access and activity
  • Eliminate lost key or broken lock problems
  • Customize time schedule for employees
  • Manage access from a remote location
  • Cut down the energy bills

An access control system also helps you protect the environment, as you can easily integrate the system with the management system of your building or business facility and switch off lights when not in use.

Though an access control system is not inexpensive to install, it saves homeowners and businesses a lot of money in the long run by reducing cases of burglary and loss to property and assets by potential vandalism. Key cards and key fobs used by this access system eliminate the risk of key duplication. For business owners, the system offers a quick overview of how exactly the employees and workers are spending their time in a facility, store, construction site or plant.

Access Control Installation, Maintenance and Repair Service in Toronto

A Plus Toronto Locksmith Services offers expert installation, maintenance, and repair of access control systems throughout entire Toronto, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Woodbridge. If you’ve planned to install a new access system in your apartment or place of business, our experts can help you make the best choice and set up the software without any hassle.

Before the access control system is activated, our skilled software professionals will define the controls, exactly as you want. Whether it’s a wireless access control, facial recognition access system, key card access or turnstiles access, our technicians will equip with you lots of tips and advice on how to use these systems to their fullest potential. At A Plus Toronto Locksmith Services, we have a wide range of access control products to offer and you should feel free to consult with us and find out what type of systems will suit your environment the most.

After you have installed an access control system, you can exercise full control over who enters a protected area in your residence or business facility. The system offers a lot of flexibility in terms of setting up access to particular doors, time duration for the cards to work, start and stop dates among others. Robust reporting features of the system will always keep you up to date with the flow of traffic and monitor who is trying to intrude into a protected area.


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