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Owning a car has its own challenges. More than often, car owners land into different types of lock and key troubles. While trying to unlock the car, many people jam the key into the lock, which could happen because the key will turn with a scratch and then catch on to a pin. The car key may also get jammed when one of the pins moves away from its position while unlocking. As a car owner, you may also accidently leave the keys in the ignition or misplace the keys.

In the event of any of these emergencies, you’ll feel stressed because not being able to open and get into the car will cause unnecessary delay. If you try to fix these automotive lockout issues yourself, you may aggravate the problem further which could also lead to expensive repairs later.

The safest and the wisest option, therefore, is to seek the assistance of an experienced automotive locksmith in your area.

If you get yourself in a car lockout situation or snap the keys while attempting to unlock the car, you should not panic. Just take a deep breathe and dial the phone number of a professional automotive locksmith company that specializes in dealing with emergency situations and has operations in your city.

Here’s a quick look at the tasks our auto locksmiths can accomplish:

Our technicians travel to your location in vehicles which remains laced with specialized high-end equipment and tools to solve a range of car lock issues. 

  • All vehicle key service

  • Broken ignition key or ignition replacement.

  • High security Keys and smart Keys

  • Ignition replacement keys

  • Key cutting

  • Laser Cut Keys

  • Locked door and lock and key problems

  • Open Car door and trunk for lost keys

  • Problems with transponder chip key programming.

  • Unlock car door

  • Unlock door solutions

  • Re-key, lost car keys

  • Remote control Keys

Get Quick Help When You’re Locked Out of Your Car

A Plus Toronto Locksmith Services is one such company that’s been serving the needs of car owners throughout the Toronto area for multiple years in a row. If you are caught up in a car lockout situation, get in touch with us and our expert technicians will arrive within a few minutes to help you. Whether you’re on your way home, driving to the office or in the middle of nowhere, our automotive locksmith company will send immediate help so that you can resume your commute or travel without further delay. Our highly trained and skilled auto locksmiths have dealt with a wide range of car lockout problems and they have quick, effective solutions to every emergency.

Our auto locksmith can cut the keys by code, copy the transponder and the key fob to restart the vehicle. If you’re in need of new car keys, the technician will make them on site using an electronic key cutting machine. The locksmith can also extract the broken key from inside the lock of the car door. In case the door lock requires a repair after the key extraction, it will be taken care of as well.

As a precautionary measure, you may also want to have a spare car key at hand. So, our car locksmiths can also make duplicate keys for your use. In fact, our technicians can perform a variety of tasks and solve any problem related to car locking and security system in a rapid, professional manner.

Best Prices

Before you seek our help for your car lock repair, you can enquire about the cost of our services over the phone. Our prices are one of the most competitive in the market and you can be sure to always get a fair deal. If there is extra fees to be paid, we’ll let you know about it in advance. Also be cautious of those auto locksmith solution providers that offer substandard services at cheap rates. Likewise, high costs don’t ascertain the best quality of locksmith services.


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